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The Avocado case, huh?

Now, before we dive into how and why of the case…

Without any Formal Leadership Position — Part 2


(If you did read the first article, feel free to jump this section.)

Without Any Formal Leadership Position — Part 1

Because we all want to get back into the office someday!

Not The Books. Please!

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  • All the sudden, my WordPress install told me two things:
    The version of WordPress I was running…

Here are the books I learned a lot from!

Why don’t you give them a try?

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And why you should aim to move beyond it

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I believe today’s western society is structurally broken and individualism is one of the major causes.

When talking about the western society, I am primarily talking about Western Europe and North America, since those are the regions I am…

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William van Zweeden

The world has truly turned upside down.

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