The sad truth about individualism

And why you should aim to move beyond it

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

I believe today’s western society is structurally broken and individualism is one of the major causes.

When talking about the western society, I am primarily talking about Western Europe and North America, since those are the regions I am most familiar with. Similar trends may occur elsewhere in the world but I prefer not to judge those that I have not had any in depth experiences with.

It is impossible for each and everybody to be able to say and do what they want without effecting anybody else in any way.

But still it happens from time to time. Somebody does something that makes us feel uncomfortable (in whatever way), which frustrates us, whereafter we reach out to social media, to do exactly what we did not want the other person, or company, to do to us. That enables a chain of reactions, with our without third parties (especially on Twitter), leading to nothing but individual frustration bottom line.

In other words: we’re alone.

It doesn’t need to be that way though!

I believe we should act different. And I believe we can act different. I believe that by default, a group of people that is willing to seek each other is stronger in anything than any individual. I believe that, if we forsake our own pride and our priorities, in order to learn from others, we will rise beyond where we would have ever ended up on our own. We need other people. We can learn from other people. We can grow, with and through other people. There are obviously a whole lot of quotes that I can throw against this but let’s take a look at areas I stipulated earlier on:

  • Isn’t a concert much more of a remembrance and experience if the hall is filled with people that are just as enthousiast about the band’s latest album as you are? You likely don’t know the people you’re attending the concert with and you might not agree with their overall vision on life. But the fact you have a shared passion for the performing artists makes you like them more.
  • And lastly: religion. There is so much that can divide us when it comes to religion. But there’s way more that binds us together. I encourage you to research how other ‘believers’ practice their religion, regardless of what that religion is exactly. Because it will give you new insights, even though you might disagree with them on many, many other elements.
  • Understand, before trying to be understood. This is a hard one, because so often are we just listening to prep our next sharp and judging response. Take a close look at how the sentence is constructed. There’s no “try to understand”. Understand. Before you are trying to be understood.
Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

The world has truly turned upside down.

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